Applause for a new seniors development

Hope expressed that the infrastructure can support it

To the Expositor:

RE: ‘New development in Little Current will provide seniors housing,’ October 5, Page 1.

Now that’s forward thinking! Seniors will need housing at an increasing rate, and if our little town wants to succeed, we had better think about theses realities.

Bravo to the builder too for the concept and Town Hall for taking it seriously!

I hope our infrastructure can handle it, I trust our hired staff at town hall will get good advice and act accordingly to correct existing issues with water on the property, and ensure that the current infrastructure is up to snuff so we can make it work.

My wife and I may want to use this kind of housing in the future, and I hope we can find ways to make it happen.

Let’s get the job done right and make it work!

Yours truly,

Don Brisebois

Little Current