Assiginack Council Notes

Swearing in

Assiginack council began its first meeting of the 2014-2018 term with the official swearing in of members Reeve Paul Moffat and Councillors Bob Case, Brenda Reid, Leslie Fields and Hugh Moggy.

“I’m looking forward to working with all of you over the next four years,” Reeve Moffat stated following the ceremony.


Support for Wikwemikong initiatives

Council passed and read a resolution, supporting its proposal to the Small Community Fund, which states: “Whereas Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve First Nation (the Applicant) proposes to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprints through energy conservation measures integrated with non-exporting grid interactive solar electricity generations (the Project) in Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve (under the Federal and Provincial Small Communities Fund); and whereas the Applicant has requested that council of the Municipality of Assiginack indicate by resolution council’s support for the construction of the Project on the property; and whereas the Project will benefit the community of Assiginack through job creation, economic and environmental sustainability; and whereas the Project will be of no cost the municipality; and whereas, pursuant to the federal government requirements that an Indian Act Band Council whose Project receives the formal support of local municipalities will be given considered for application; now be it resolved that the council of the Municipality if Assiginack supports the construction and operation of the Project on the lands of Wikwemikong.”

“If it’s solar, I think it’s a great idea,” Councillor Fields commented.


Library minutes

After reviewing the minutes of the Assiginack Public Library October board minutes, Councillor Les Fields noted that the senior computer courses have been greatly attended. Councillor Hugh Moggy said that he had attended one of the sessions, but found that the teacher needs to make more time for individual questions from the senior students.



Council passed a motion authorizing the township to make payments in the amount of $28,095.37, general and $18,813.80, payroll.


Lottery licence approved

Council approved a lottery licence for the Manitowaning Minor hockey Association for its Sunday, December 21 raffle to be held at 6:30 pm at the Manitowaning Arena.

The association is holding a gift card raffle with 1,000 tickets printed and sold for $5 each with a total prize value of $2,000.


Manitoulin Health Centre recruitment

Council reviewed a letter received from the Manitoulin Health Centre (MHC) regarding its recruitment campaign and the soon-to-be-struck physician recruitment committee that is seeking municipal representation to assist in recruitment for new Island physicians. Council agreed to donate $3,000 per year for the campaign’s needs and assigned CAO Alton Hobbs as an interim council rep on the committee.

“I think a united front on recruitment is the best way to go right now,” Councillor Fields said.

Councillor Moggy agreed, noting how fortunate Manitoulin has been in the past to find good physicians who wish to make to make their lives on Manitoulin.



Council passed a motion to supply municipal full-time staff with a $100 Christmas bonus, $50 for each part-time staff, and that the municipal office will be closed on Friday, January 2, 2015.


OPP costing

Assiginack council reviewed a resolution from the Township of McKellar regarding the new municipal policing cost-recovery billing methodology for OPP services which calls for “a moratorium on the implementation of the new billing model until such time as a fair and more equitable billing model for all Ontario municipalities can be introduced.”

Councillor Moggy asked whether this model was already being enforced, with Mr. Hobbs explaining that the new costing model takes effect on January 1, 2015.


Wayside Motel

After some time, council passed two motions regarding Wayside Motel’s encroachment on municipal property: bylaw 14-27 authorizes the permanent closure of a portion of municipal highway (extending easterly along Queen Street from the intersection of Highway 6, a distance of 122.28 feet) and bylaw 14-28, enables the municipality to sell surplus property within the Township of Assiginack to Susan Major (proprietor of the Wayside Motel) for $2.


Assiginack appoints clerk

Assiginack council passed bylaw 14-30, appointing Jeremy Rody as the municipal clerk for Assiginack Township.

Councillor Moggy questioned Mr. Hobbs on the new position, asking if it was permanent full-time, to which Mr. Hobbs responded in the affirmative.

Councillor Moggy said there was much concern in the community about the new position and whether it was warranted.

Mr. Hobbs, former clerk and now CAO, explained that a staffing assessment was performed on the municipal office that found there to be a need for a clerk position separate from that of the CAO.

The CAO said there would be a three-month probation period for Mr. Rody.

“Well,” Mr. Hobbs added, “if it doesn’t work out I expect it will be my position you let go.”


Assiginack renews BMO lease

Bylaw 14-31 was passed, extending an existing agreement with the BMO Bank of Montreal for the rental of commercial space at 115 Arthur Street in Manitowaning.