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“Beneath the crosses, row on row”—meaningful words from quite possibly the most famous poem about war ever written. The poem was created in the midst of a WWI Flanders Battlefield by Canadian soldier John MacCrae. ‘Hell in Flanders: Canadians at the Second Battle of Ypres’ by George H. Cassar is a well-researched documentation of one of the least understood battles of the Great War. In April 1915 the newly formed Canadian 1st Division was left alone to face the enemy after a deadly gas attack. They fought doggedly and with determination to hold the Allied Line—their incredible effort saved 50,000 troops in the Ypres zone. This remarkable book is based on a vast assortment of resources: diaries, letters, reports, interviews and it is wonderfully illustrated with a wide array of maps, drawings and photographs. This book does not glorify war, instead it puts a human face on the tragedies, trials, tribulations and trappings of armed conflict.

‘The Autism Revolution: Whole-Body Strategies For Making Life All it Can Be’ by Martha Herbert and Karen Weintraub is a valuable tool for parents who are in need of help in dealing with the complexities of autism. This book sets forth a program that can give significant assistance to the autistic child and their caregivers—a whole new way of looking at autism.

In her novel ‘Daughter of York,’ author Anne Easter Smith creates a rich, multifaceted picture of English life in 1461. Smith focusses on the life of headstrong Margaret, sister to the new King Edward, both children of Richard of York. Margaret falls in love but her choice is rejected so that her brother can use her as a matrimonial pawn in his political games. This story is vividly set in the splendour of the courts of Europe. The writer makes Margaret very real to the reader and she gives this extraordinary woman a much greater depth and magnitude—more than she has ever received from historians.

Wilbur and Orville, two of the most famous brothers in history—they gave us wings to fly! ‘Dawn Over Kitty Hawk’ is a novel by Walter J. Boyne based around the events and times of the high-flying fraternal team. The history of the rise of aviation comes to life—from the drawing-board in the backroom of a bicycle repair shop to a runway on a remote, windswept North Carolina beach. It is a fascinating tale filled with larger than life characters who changed the world with flight. This fictional story fleshes out the lean details of real life deeds and happenings.

Young Adult Pick: ‘Treasure Island’ by author Robert Louis Stevenson.

DVD Pick: ‘Moonstruck’ starring Cher and Nicholas Cage—a wonderful, quirky romance—that’s Amore!

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