Assiginack Township celebrating 150th next year


Seeking suggestions for year-long events

ASSIGINACK – While 2021 might seem a way off yet, time has a way of sneaking up on you when you are planning a major celebration. So it is that the Assiginack museum committee has held its first meeting to toss around a few ideas.

“We just started and had our first meeting,” said chair Alice Pennie. “We are just getting some ideas, it’s still all in the planning stages and trying to get everybody on board.” The committee is seeking ideas for events to help make the celebration special.

Nobody was spilling the beans on any of the ideas just yet, however. “It’s really too early for that yet,” said Ms. Pennie.

But some things are looking positive, even at this early stage, as David Smith who spearheaded the the 125th year celebrations has expressed interest in being involved. “It’s nothing positive yet,” cautioned committee member Hugh Moggy. “We are hoping that each organization in town will do something.”

The committee will meet again in March.