Attention Manitoulin Island drivers

A STOP sign means you need to do just that

To the Expositor:

There are many drivers who need to assess and improve their driving habits. This is not an idle observation; it comes from years of walking and a (thoroughly scientific) observation from a window over a coffee in the Anchor Inn.

The majority of drivers ease through a STOP sign instead of coming to a complete stop. It’s a bad habit, and one l freely admit I picked up as a new driver when I got my licence in Virginia. When I returned to Ontario, however, I came within one tick of failing my drivers test because of that bad habit. I resolved then and there to always not only come to a complete STOP, but count to two, and that bad habit was gone. Then there was the distracted/inattentive driver heading west on Meredith who went through the STOP sign at Hayward…and the driver who went through the STOP sign turning east from Hayward onto Robinson. This seemed to be a case of ‘well, no one is coming’ so why not fault the law? I think that’s a horrible thing to do.

Please, people, do an honest assessment of your driving habits and maybe reread the driver’s manual?

Pat Loosemore

Little Current