Aussie charmed by Manitoulin’s beauty

To the Expositor:

I would like to take this opportunity to write this letter to thank Chris Blodgett and Roy Eaton for the most amazing day of sailing on Friday, June 22.

I was invited to join the staff of The Expositor for a day of sailing on the catamaran Mahitbelle. We had the most experienced and incredible skipper (Roy Eaton) who took us out not only for a lovely trip, but showed us the ropes, literally, and allowed us to hoist the main sail and experience a small taste of what it was like to be a crew on such a majestic craft.

Roy also, knowing that I am new to the Island, took time to point out areas and tell me its unique history. Everyone was given the privilege of being skipper for a time under Roy’s superb guidance. We had the chance to anchor in a beautiful cove surrounded by pristine shoreline that looked like no one on earth had set foot upon it. The waters, so clean and clear, seemed as though you could just reach in and pick up a rock from the bottom, and even held a little mystery with a shipwreck that could be explored.

Before long, our time was done, some great friends were made and memories that will always be remembered created. Please take this as a personal thank you from me for a most wonderful day.

Yours truly,

Justine Stevens

Port Fairy, Australia/Little Current