Labour ministry investigating aspects of boom truck operation following fatality at Ice Lake

by Tom Sasvari

SUDBURY—After the tragic death of William Gatchell almost two weeks ago at an Ice Lake business, the Ministry of Labour is still investigating the accident that caused a boom truck crane to tip over, killing the 48-year-old Massey man.

Last week William Lin, a spokesperson with the Ministry of Labour, said. “What we can tell you is that the deceased was working at the business when the truck tipped over and he was struck by a crane.”

“Six orders were issued (by the ministry) on Friday (June 22),” he continued. “One, to provide maintenance and inspection records for the crane involved in the accident; two, ensure it was inspected and certified before use; three, a stop work order for that crane; four, ensure any worker operating the crane is certified; five, the National Crane boom truck lifting device be examined for capability in reference to that piece of equipment; and six, a stop work order has been place on the National Crane truck.”

“My understanding is that one crane was involved in the accident, but this is all part of the investigation,” said Mr. Lin. “We will be determining what led to the accident and if there were any violations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.”