Author feels for retiree letter writers

To the Expositor:

I was reading the letter from August 21 (‘Tax losses from wind turbine project already starting to add up, page 5) that these retirees are now sorry that they bought this land on Manitoulin and it’s because of these windmills. A lot of retirees come to the Island to get away from industrialization and I was sharing this with one of my family members that Manitoulin might go bankrupt because of these windmills and this is also a tourist area—it’s not meant to be industrialized, but these people do not think before they do something without thinking of the consequences because they are just too greedy.

Little Current might become a ghost town just to get away from the noise those windmills may cause and if this should happen who’s to blame? Well, the leadership and the government and then there is the environmental damages that are going to be done on the Island because these people are very good at conning you to believe them and we all know that there is more land in southern Ontario.

But these rich people did not want them in their own backyard because they knew better not to accept and they knew the damage these windmills do to their health and well-being and also degrading the land value.

Time will tell.

Ron Osawabine