Blastomycosis has been an issue for many years

To the Expositor:

The headline ‘Blastomycosis’ in your paper on January 21 caught my attention because my father, A.J. Wagg of Mindemoya, was diagnosed with the illness in December 1931.

He was not feeling well so he went to the Lockwood Clinic in Toronto. He sent word back to my mother that he had been diagnosed as having tuberculosis and would have to be in bed for weeks or months, whatever the treatment was at that time. He said he would not be home for a few more days because he had an appointment with a dentist; he wanted him to look at his mouth.

At this appointment, looking at his mouth, the dentist said he was suspicious my dad had blastomycosis, not T.B. A test confirmed that he was correct. This young dentist received notoriety for his diagnosis.

My dad was sent to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for treatment. My granddaughter, a pharmacist, on hearing this account asked what treatment he received to make him better? Being a kid at that time, I do not remember the treatment. But one thing I could tell her that I remember was that he wrote to us that his dessert for Christmas dinner was ice cream in the shape of Santa Claus. Very fitting!

The theory was that my dad had this illness because of his habit of walking in a field and plucking a stalk of grass and chewing the sweet end.

He died Christmas day 1960, so he lived many years after his illness. I do have a bit of information regarding his treatment and have given it to Dr. Stadnyk in Mindemoya that it might help with this serious illness.


Madeline Becks