Board takes over management duties of Manitoulin abattoir

PROVIDENCE BAY—The Manitoulin Island Community Abattoir (MICA) board of directors has taken over management duties of the abattoir, located in Providence Bay.

“There has been a change in management. The manager and assistant, Joan and Dave Brady, are no longer there with the abattoir,” confirmed Jeff Hietkamp, treasurer of the MICA, on Tuesday. “The board has taken over the management duties for the short term. The board wanted to go a different way to manage the business. The board had thought long and hard about this and felt the changes were needed, including the style of managing. And we have a really good board that is doing its best to keep things running smoothly.”

Mr. Hietkamp explained, “the board is taking from September to December to figure out how handle the management duties going forward.”

“But the abattoir is open for business,” he stated, “and Papa’s Meats is running as it always has. Jim McCormick is back at Papa’s and Ron Hall has just been hired as a meat cutter as of October 1. We are excited to have him as part of the staff at Papa’s.”

“Our kill day at the abattoir is Thursdays and we welcome all customers as we normally would,” said Mr. Hietkamp. “We have staff doing the kill day’s work,” he added. “We look forward to serving the public-customers at Papa’s and the farming community through the abattoir. Things are going pretty well at the abattoir, we had 8-10 animals for the kill day last week, and as the fall comes along it is usually the time when customers have their livestock butchered, so things are going well.”

Tom Sasvari