Burpee-Mills opts in to allow cannabis retails stores


EVANSVILLE—Burpee-Mills Township council has decided to opt in and allow for potential cannabis retail stores in the township. 

“We’ve opted in,” stated Reeve Ken Noland after a council meeting last week. “What choice did we really have? If the government is basically taking money from one hand if we didn’t opt in, and will provide funding if we opted in, we’d better get the other hand in. We opted in, although I don’t know what is going to happen after two years. Everything I have read indicates that we will receive funding of $5,000 in two payments (for opting in) and then any surplus revenues over $100 million (of the federal government excise tax) would be shared with municipalities who opt in over the next two years. After that we are on our own.”

“At least by opting in we will receive a few dollars to be used held with everything that is involved in cannabis (such as education, enforcement, policing, bylaw enforcement and the like),” said Reeve Noland.