Why does Central Manitoulin pay to belong to the Planning Board?

A call to join Northeast Town and withdraw from planning board

To the Expositor:

How can we the people be so damn stupid? We have allowed big expensive businesses with their large polluting garbage trucks all at our expense, and then they drive miles to bury our waste at designated landfill sites, to pollute the groundwater, rivers and lakes in time. Solution: clean burning dumps or incinerators. The recycling was supposed to be self-financing.

Why are we, the Central Manitoulin taxpayers, paying thousands of taxpayer dollars to belong to a planning board? Central Manitoulin has elected a mayor and council to plan and run our town. May I suggest we join NEMI and their withdrawal from the planning board and put the money saved towards building a true, geared-to-income “seniors only” home, or use it to lower our high taxes.

Breast cancer seems to be increasing rapidly. This could be the result of the expensive fluoride added to our drinking water which could be eliminated as most of our toothpaste contains fluoride which should be effective if we brush our teeth after we eat. Also the over processing of our milk and meat products should be checked into as well when looking for the cause of the cancer problems.

This is my opinionated opinion,

Willard J. Taylor