Christmas tree decorated with ‘wildlife friendly’ theme

KAGAWONG—When the suggestion came forward a week ago that put up a community Christmas tree, it was not long before volunteers sprang into action.

A tree was cut (by Brian Parker), a site chosen, a stand built (with help of recreation committee member Jim Chambers) and put up with assistance of Township Public Works foreman Rick Rusk.

The tree, which stands on the platform in front of the Old Mill Heritage Museum (15 Old Mill Road), has been decorated with primarily natural biodegradable, wildlife friendly materials.

When the lack of an electrical power source on site to plug a string of lights into meant volunteers had to either go for solar power or consider another option, they chose to think outside the box and get back to nature.

“Keep it simple,” was the suggestion made by Dianne Fraser and “the idea evolved from there,” stated Charlene Chambers of the rec committee.

Rather than plastic or glass, they used burlap, twine and recycled materials to trim the tree to attract birds and other wildlife. There are no lights on the tree.

Members of the Billings Recreation Committee, along with family and other community volunteers, created ornaments from sliced oranges dipped in bird seed, cinnamon sticks and strung fruit, nuts and other tasty treats for birds and squirrels.

The tree will remain on site throughout the season and residents are encouraged to participate. “If you would like to contribute your own wildlife friendly decorations bring them down any time and put them on the tree,” they encouraged.