Civil servants are getting rich on taxes

To the Expositor:

Well civil servants in Ottawa are getting a 50 thousand dollar bonus for their efficiency, but what efficiency? So far I have not seen any improvements within the government services except a downfall but it’s probably for the rich only where efficiencies have improved but not for the poor—it just got more expensive for them because one of the MPs spoke on what is going on in Ottawa behind citizens’ backs. The MP told how the Harper government is wasting taxpayers money again and felt that the citizens have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent but it’s the civil servants who are getting rich on your taxes. And the corporations, if they have this kind of money to spend they should restore all the social programs they have taken away and the health care but instead the Harper government is turning in the wrong direction because the civil servants do not deserve this kind of bonus because they are getting very well paid but the government is so blindsided when it comes to fairness.

Ron Osawabine