Close but not giving up, Aurel Fox does well in first marathon outing

Aurel Fox is confident his experience from running his first marathon in Toronto will translate into success in qualifying for the fabled Boston Marathon. Mr. Fox noted that the excitment of the day caused him to push too hard at the start, leaving his tank depleted in the later half of the race.

TORONTO—Shtaataahaa, Aurel!

“We wanted to share with Expositor readers that it has been an amazing time to watch Aurel prepare for the Toronto Marathon,” said Aurel’s mother, Hazel Fox-Recollet. “We have witnessed his commitment and dedication in the sport of long distance running and we cannot say enough just how proud we are of his passing both the start and finish of his first-ever full marathon… with a time of 42 kilometers finishing in 3:34:22 mins.”

“There was so much excitement to see hundreds and hundreds of avid runners and there,” said Ms. Fox-Recollet in a message to her son. “You are participating in the action. We truly admire your enthusiasm and passion for progressing in the sport of running. We appreciate the excitement that you create when our families are waiting patiently for three straight hours and wishing for you to achieve your ambition in qualifying for the Boston Marathon.”

“I feel that I went out too fast and couldn’t run to my potential,” shared Mr. Fox, “but it was my first marathon, and it was quite exciting. I plan on running another because my goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.”

Still, not bad for a first time out. Mr. Fox placed 63rd out of 217 males aged 25-29; 316th place out of 1,133 by gender and 382nd place out of 1,639 overall.

“It certainly was an emotional time seeing you come in a champ in mind, body and spirit,” said Mr. Fox’s proud mom. “We continue to look forward to seeing you continue with your goals and aspirations for the love of running. Apitch g’zaagin gwiss for your determination and motivation.”