Cockburn deer hunt looks to be better than last year


COCKBURN ISLAND – All indications are good that the annual deer gun hunt on Cockburn Island will be a very good season this year.

Local hunter Ian Anderson told The Expositor last Friday, “I can say there was a significantly better hunt, so far, than last year. There are a lot of nice, big bucks that have been harvested.” 

Mr. Anderson, who left Cockburn Island on Thursday after harvesting a large deer, explained, “by Wednesday night a total of 32 deer had been harvested and a lot of them were big mature deer. And I know that three or four other good-sized deer hadn’t gone through the deer check station at that time.”

The number of hunters was also up in the first week of the hunt, being in the high 80 range, said Mr. Anderson, who noted there will be more hunters taking part in the hunt during the second week of the hunt (this week). “The hunter success rate will be way better than last year,” he stated.

“The rut had started by the first day of this year’s hunt,” continued Mr. Anderson. “It’s always ahead (on Cockburn Island) of Manitoulin Island. The male deer are pretty vulnerable for one week of the year and it just coincides with the hunt season.” 

“It looks as if it is going to be a very good hunt overall, in terms of hunter success this year,” reiterated Mr. Anderson. 

Mr. Anderson added, “hunting-wise the weather was good for the first few days of the hunt. Yesterday (Thursday) was as good as it gets.”