Community support makes Bluegrass in the Country a success

To the Expositor:

Well, another Bluegrass in the Country is over.

The weather for the most part was great except for the rain cloud that came after the dinner break. Concertgoers were rewarded for the wait with ‘Possum,’ the George Jones tribute band taking the stage and the amazing ‘Canucky Bluegrass Boys.’

I know I enjoyed the show, as did our athletes that were able to attend.

After the show was over it started to sink in, just how many people and business supported us to be successful. Starting with 100.7 The Island, who were instrumental in getting the word out there, they donated thousands of dollars of airtime to us, constantly reminding people of the date and introducing them to the groups that were coming to perform. They were also a contact for tickets, which is no small undertaking. Their professionalism shows why Countryfest is such a success! Five other businesses assisted us by being selling tickets.

I was also moved by the huge number of Gold and Silver sponsors that wanted to be a part of our show. They provided us with the funds to get the great bands that we had. I couldn’t believe when bands and vendors started to donate some of their earnings back to us. I was also very moved when I went to pay bills on Monday and some business either donated the items or reduced the rate. Due to them, I am truly grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.

Monies raised help us to pay for equipment and the buses to get our 40+ athletes to meets in North Bay and Sudbury. It also assists us to be able to get the coaching needed to take athletes to the World Games—athletes like Austin Featherstone, who brought Canada back a gold medal. We are so proud of him! We also have Regan Millsap and Kelsey Mellan heading off to South Korea to participate in snowshoeing at the World Winter Games.

Last not but not least, I have to thank all the people who attended the event. We could not have done it without you.

I hope you all enjoyed the show and we hope to see you next year, the second weekend in June at Bluegrass in the Country IV!


Roslyn Taylor

Bluegrass committee member/treasurer/


Manitoulin Special Olympics