Congratulations to the Gore Bay Atoms on Island championship

To the Expositor:

I would like to congratulate the Gore Bay Atoms on winning the Island championship. I want to mention the great hockey players the team can boast, and especially the players that we didn’t get to see play. To those players, good job of supporting your team by cheering from the bench.

Hockey is a great sport for all skill levels. Maybe the next tournament “fair play” could be recognized by the coaching staff and every player could get the feeling of belonging to the team by actually playing.

Congratulations to the Mindemoya Tykes for winning their championship and to their coaching staff for a great season and for demonstrating “fair play.”

To all the organizers of the Tyke/Atom playoffs in Mindemoya, thank you. It was a great weekend of hockey.

Cheryl Seabrook
Spring Bay