The cost of living is great, without including hydro

Increasing energy costs will put us all in the poor house

To the Expositor:

I have been closely monitoring hydro rates because this is where the problem is. I’ve really been watching the Global News—usually they have more information about it, where it’s going and like I said before, it’s going to get very expensive.

Global News did say it’s going to affect the economy; small businesses might end up closing. I expect more than that, maybe these big companies will start moving their business elsewhere that’s more affordable for them because right now there are about three thousand Hydro One customers that have been disconnected already in this province and the numbers are probably growing. They even mention why this is happening and they clearly blame the Green Energy Act and then the government is going to implement carbon tax on gas and oil next year, now that’s going to cost more problems. Home heating oil will go up and I know a lot of people use heating oil for heating their homes and it will affect our grocery bill, which is already so expensive. Global News did say how far the citizens will take this and I have been asking myself the same question for me—I just kind of let it go because there is really nothing I can do about it. I can see the system is so rigged that it only favours the government and corporations that set these policies in place and make sure it will favour them only and not the citizens. I expect something to burst and whatever it is, I will just sit and wait for it.

People who are living on fixed incomes will really struggle because for me, somebody advised me to start using the food bank and maybe I should take that into consideration because I have never used a food bank before. It’s not degrading to use this when it’s not your fault because this is not my fault this has happened, it’s somebody’s greed why this is.

Ron Osawabine