Tehkummah Talk and Times

A phone call from Northern BC had me talking to Derek and Jodi (she had her surgery cancelled) and Tristan and Kris. They were all vacationing together. Kris has a couple of weeks off from his work in Alberta. So some family time! Mum and I were treated to our breakfast at Garden Shed on Tuesday morning. Thanks so much!

Once again the SBDCA newsletter is a treasure of history past and in the making and though I am a member, I’m not a working one. Thank you to all who contributed their time and talents. I never fail to admire the hanging baskets and all the floral colours, an effort this exceptionally dry year. You’re doing good!

A request from our Tehkummah library board for books, as they rapidly go from the terminal building, an ideal location for their book sales. They can be left at the municipal building. Thanks so much!

“Grateful for all of this week’s family and blessings.”

So far no rain for Country Fest No. 10. I didn’t know how I would tough out the two evenings, so far not so bad. The entertainment Friday evening (I saw the last three acts), excellent, as for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, aren’t they something else? Of course they have only been practicing together for 50 years! The Road Hammers were still entertaining when the fireworks started behind/above the Manitoulin Transport ampitheatre. What a spectacular show that was. A little competition earlier when a double rainbow arced the sky behind us. We got a dozen raindrops, pretty good of KT to ask for clear weather this year. Once again compliments to the organizers and volunteers, you done good!

Although there were a lot of familiar faces there it was great to run into Shirley (Viney) and her sister Lyla. For some reason Lyla spent a lot of time around our place as a teen? Bobby, Patrick and nine-month-old Phoenix arrived on Wednesday evening to take in Country Fest. This year Skylar went with Tara as well. Kim and Kathy do Country Fest, Kim heads home Saturday morning as he has a wedding. Their band was providing the music. Kathy stayed another day and left for home Sunday AM. Sherry and Dave and I travelled with her to Country Fest on Saturday.

Sherry has a tragedy? When the wind caught out the tent cover and twisted the frame, darn wind! I had to keep chasing my hat! Sherry also celebrated her plentyninth birthday on Saturday and was recognized from the Country Fest stage. Hey best song, ‘I didn’t fall in love with your hair,’ maybe because I can compare!

Cal popped in on Sunday AM at 10 and got me moving. I had been up, but went back to bed. But it wasn’t too long until I was ready to go, so we had our breakfast at Mum’s in Mindemoya. I never saw so many folk, there were 24 at one time backed up waiting for the check out, probably buying, looking, etc! Busy.

Hey is everyone praying for rain? We may dry up and blow away. Death Valley Days.

Cribbage, high hand, Kim Hall, 21; first, Gib and Florence, 967; second, Jean and Mary, 940; third, Graham and Sheila, 930; low, Betty and Ruth, 834; door, Graham, Laura, and Kim.

Euchre, ladies’ high, Ruth, 88; ladies’ lone hands, Sherry Hall, 5; ladies’ low, Sheila, 46; men’s low, Dave (James), 40; 2 skunks, Andy and Eva; door?

Tonight I tried to talk Mum into going down to South Baymouth. I’ve been wanting to try the Belgian waffles but instead she made me cake with ice cream, whipped cream and fruit toppings. So then we had three games of cribbage, I won two. This coming Saturday is Mum’s big party at the Tehkummah hall celebrating 100 times over!

What a lovely Monday morning surprise, my nephew Pete walked through the door bearing a gift, he’d been fishing this morning and brought me lovely trout fillets. So that will be my breakfast! He also brought wife Leanne and their two beautiful daughters Ava and Leah. We had a short visit under the birch tree! Last Tuesday at Garden Shed, a family get together was in progress. Sharing breakfast and happy times was Don Rimcont and Ruth Hodgins (of 69 Indian Point) (Lala) the children and grands.

The past week Susan and Simon had Beatrice (nee Thomas) as their guest for a couple of days. Actually, they have been quite busy with house guests/family. Gave up Country Fest too!

Pauline and Wayne were holidaying down country the past week or so.

On this old envelope I found “Audrey Haggart, Citizen of the year.” Congrats too to Art and Jean Addison and sympathy to the families of Norma (Leeson) McCulligh and Jean Cunningham. Who knows how long that was waiting for me to find!