CRIME STOPPERS: Whooping crane shot on Barrie Island deemed special case by federal government

Crime Stoppers helping to find information on who killed rare waterfowl so appropriate charges can be laid

BARRIE ISLAND – The Wildlife Enforcement Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada and Crime Stoppers are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying suspects with relation to the senseless killing of a whooping crane.

It is alleged that in the evening hours of May 5, unknown culprit(s) attended on private property in the area of North Line and 10th Sideroad on the north end of Barrie Island and shot a whooping crane. 

The whooping crane is a rare and endangered species. This crane belonged to a small population of 100 raised and released cranes that are being monitored with telemetry bands. It was first seen on Barrie Island on April 20.

“This was a banded bird, born in 2017 in Wisconsin as part of a flock they are trying to regenerate,” Terry Land, who had photographed the rare bird, told the Manitoulin West Recorder. “Whooping cranes normally have a lifespan of between 20-24 years. This one was a female.”

“It is a very sad story,” Mr. Land told The Recorder. “The flock had started by 12 eggs having been retrieved from Canada and taken to the US to raise. Now one percent of the flock was shot and died on Barrie Island.”

Any information leading to the identity of the persons or vehicles involved would be appreciated. To contact Crime Stoppers, contact 1-800-222-8477 or visit