Assiginack Public Library Feature

‘The Fallen One’ is a mystery novel by Rick Blechta. The story reveals the life of an opera singer and how her life changes at the news of her husband’s untimely death by fire. After some years of therapy her career resumes in a lead role at the Paris Opera, however a moment in a rainy downpour turns her world upside down. This is an excellent tale by one of Canada’s finest mystery writers.

Mary Ellis’ novel, ‘An Amish Family Reunion’ is a beautiful story. The tale of two people coming together and struggling to stay connected when tragedy strikes. This is a really charming read.

‘Dead Reckoning: The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage’ by author and University of Toronto professor Ken McGoogan is a highly informative and thoroughly researched book. It gives us a vivid, more in-depth and accurate picture of Arctic exploration. McGoogan’s work also documents the contributions of the Indigenous participants of the many northern expeditions. This is a terrific chronicle of an exciting chapter in Canadian history.

‘Franklin’s Lost Ship: The Historic Discovery of HMS Erebus’ is a revealing look at one of Arctic exploration’s greatest mysteries—what happened to Sir John Franklin’s ships Terror and Erebus? Now one of the ships have been found during the summer of 2014 by a group called the ‘Victoria Straight Expedition.’

This effort to find the ships is the largest since the 1850s. It was led by Parks Canada and it used leading technology and underwater techniques to discover the wreck of Erebus. The success of the mission was very dependent on using the traditional heritage knowledge of the Inuit. The book is beautifully illustrated with hundreds of photographs, maps, diagrams and illustrations. It is stunning book that brings a historical enigma and a present day exploit together.

Young Adult Pick: ‘I Am the Messenger’ by Marcus Zusak.

DVD Pick: ‘Neighbors’ starring Zac Efrom and Seth Rogers – hilariously funny from start to finish – there goes the neighbourhood!  

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