Crossover should have been framed as left wing frustration

To the Expositor:

Like many political junkies, I think the Glenn Thibeault story raises many issues about political ethics and the role of an individual’s ambition in the public arena. We expect public figures to disguise their ambition, unlike people in business, the arts, etc.

I regret that Glenn Thibeault did not frame his ‘move’ as a reflection that many “left” of centre Canadians are frustrated that at the federal level the leaders of the opposition, formal (Mulcair) and informal (Trudeau) are refusing to explore a tacit or formal coalition post election (by October 2015) so that Harper’s reign will end unless of course, the federal Conservatives win a clear majority.

Mr. Thibeault could have said because we (Federal NDP) will likely remain in the ‘wilderness’ post October 2015; I decided that I wanted to be part of Premier Wynne’s forward and left leaning administration as demonstrated by the Ontario budget and green/turquoise initiatives.

Instead Mr. Thibeault seemed to make his decision personal and thereby unseemly ambitious.

Ken L. Mackenzie

Gore Bay