Cuts to urban rescue unit ill-advised

To the Expositor:

The Stephen Harper government is fighting its deficit by slashing funding to all five Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) units in Canada, including the Toronto team on scene at the collapsed mall in Elliot Lake.

For those of us who find our hearts being sad, and I am sure that is most of the readers, this is an example of a government out to ensure their fishing trips, limousines and decadent perks they refuse to give up are protected even at the demise of those who fund them—taxpayers.

Please use this point as proof positive why we need those people who step up to the plate and try to hold the government accountable. A difficult task to accomplish when you witness seniors who cannot afford their medications, watering down of health services, vision care, cancer treatment and access to hospitals/doctors and the closing of schools.

Do you recall the members of parliament refusing to give up their limousine services even when the overtime expenses of their drivers was off the scale? Guess what they did terminate instead on the hill? They reduced the amount of guided tours of the parliament buildings for tourists/taxpayers. I challenge them to name one cut they have suffered in the spirit of helping reduce the deficit.

We really need the media, visual and written word, to hold the politicians feet to the fire and hold them accountable.

Will there be another Elliot Lake? Count on it. Will there be more Harper foolish moves, watering down services to the taxpayers? As long as fishing and expensive, lavish, perks are available to politicians out of control there will be.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth