Dairy Farmers are ‘Computers for Success’ donor

MONTREAL – Computers for Success Canada (CFSC) is pleased to announce its new partnership with The Dairy Farmers of Canada to provide technology donations to the Government of Canada’s Computers for Schools (CFS) program. Since its creation in 1993, the CFS program has refurbished and distributed over 1.6 million computers to Indigenous communities, schools, non-profit organizations, refugees, community organizations and Canadian families at risk of exclusion from our digitizing world.

This partnership reflects Dairy Farmers of Canada’s intention to donate their used technology to the Computers for Schools program, ultimately supporting the program’s mandate to improve access to digital technology for potentially marginalized Canadians. This national donation partnership will also help support the Government of Canada’s Connecting Families initiative, which was launched in November. This initiative offers low-income families access to home Internet service at a reduced cost of $10 per month. Up to 50,000 free refurbished computers are also made available to eligible families.

“In committing to donate used technology, the Dairy Farmers of Canada joins the many national brands that have donated technology in support of the inclusion of all Canadians in the digitizing economy,” said Toby Harper-Merrett, executive director, CFSC-OPEC. “Furthermore, the program ensures computers are reused, providing significant environmental benefits compared to recycling, and the program provides technical work experience for youth interns across Canada.”

“Dairy Farmers of Canada is pleased to support causes that encourage community stewardship and innovation, because they are core values of our organization,” said Pierre Lampron, president of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “We are happy to partner with CFSC to fulfill the objectives of this initiative and to help empower its participants across Canada by giving them access to technology.”