Decoration Day poetry celebrates veteran Angus Cada

A poem dedicated to Angus Cada, My Grandpa, on the occasion of Decoration Day, June 2.

Honourable Man

You have walked on the stepping stones,

The strength of life,

Your story is together grand and bold,

Let me walk your tale.

Honourable Son

Life has begun for you,

Your mother sees your adventurous eyes,

Your father acknowledges your curious mind,

Do great for the world, do wonders for your family.

Honourable Boy

How dirty your knees and face from play,

How assertive the line is for you to walk,

The world seems so big, to one so small,

But, one day it will all be yours.

Honourable Soldier

The call of duty awaits,

Crying countries you must embrace,

For now, combat in strong mind,

And cease the day with your strength,

Honourable Husband

From the first moment you saw her,

What love filled your being,

Now Rich in life and blessed by each other,

Your new life beings together.

Honourable Father

Twelve new gifts you brought to the world,

Guiding one and all each day,

Loving with each new blessing,

Guardian of your children and home.

Honourable Grandfather

New lives have awakened,

You watch from your chair,

Of the growth of your family,

Delighted at heart of what you are a part of.

Honourable Great Grandfather

How long this line of life has rolled,

Each new one with a bright eyed smile,

You see your own children in them,

Gleaming at you, as you rock in your chair.

Honourable Life

This is what you have lived,

Together we stand in awe of your days,

Filled with matters of both love, heartache, hope and sorrow,

We stand here in pride of who you are.

Honourable Man,

We love you.

Nadja Cada

granddaughter of Angus Cada 

a Word War II veteran from Sheshegwaning