‘Distractions in Abstract’ features newest works of Perry Patterson

Local artist Perry Patterson stands alongside some of his new works in the “Distractions in Abstract” on display at the Fish Point Studio in Gore Bay.

GORE BAY—Manitoulin artist Perry Patterson will, for the most part, not be seen in the Fish Point Studio talking about and promoting the works he has on display at his exhibition titled ‘Distractions in Abstract.’

“It was Mr. Patterson’s request that people see his work without any prior influence, and that is why there was no formal opening to his show,” said Helen Siksek, curator of Fish Point Studio in Gore Bay. “He wanted to stay away from the conversation, let people see his work and come up with their own meaning or interpretation for it.”

Abstract is the form of choice for Mr. Patterson, a self-taught artist. He enjoys working with a lot of texture in most pieces, and each is an experience in form, composition and structure. A secret combination of sand, and other ingredients, makes up the base of most of his works.
“Drawing from a wealth of local images, imagination and, of course, the Internet the artist combines a multitude of thoughts and ideas into every project.

Resisting the calm and comfort of a studio environment, the artist prefers to create his works in the outdoors and can be seen with paint and canvas when the weather accommodates.

One of Mr. Patterson’s new works is ‘Happiness,’ a work measuring 48×48 and the largest piece in the show, said Ms. Siksek. “He created this piece while looking at a hummingbird. After that, five people commented online on it, one saying that they think it looks like a Sandhill crane, another said it is a butterfly, and another viewer said it looked like shadflies. The artist likes that no one has a pre-conception of what they see.”

“His work ‘Breaking All the Rules’ speaks volumes in that abstract art breaks all the old rules of art,” continued Ms. Siksek.

“Perry is also influenced in his work by other cultures, like Asian culture,” said Ms. Siksek.   

Mr. Patterson told The Recorder “I tried working out of a studio once, but it felt more like work than creating to me.” Which explains why most, if not all of his work is done outside. “So winter works are few and far between,” he added.

“As curator of the show, I enjoy watching people come up with their own vision and search for a meaning for a piece of art, and his (Mr. Patterson’s new works) bring that out,” said Ms. Siksek.

Mr. Patterson can be contacted directly by email at podder1@sympatico.ca. Distractions in Abstract: the Latest Works by Perry Patterson can be seen from September 12 to October 9 at Fish Point Studio, 1 Water Street, Gore Bay.