Drugs, drinking, stealing prescription drugs and killing has to stop

To the Expositor:

To our MPP and MP I write this letter, and to all those concerned.

I read the editorial in your paper January 4, 2012 (‘Ontario should eliminate assessment on First Nations local acquisitions, page 4), but I found many didn’t agree with it.

When a meeting was held in Gore Bay, I think in 1990, they, the First Nations, agreed to many things, and said they wanted to be friends and that was a step in the right direction.

Now they want to buy land off the reserve and not pay taxes. How are we going to keep the hospitals, schools, roads in repair, etc? All these things and more everyone uses.

Many elderly folks are living alone and pay big taxes, and are on the poverty line. Do you think that’s fair? We should all work together.

Our great-grandparents worked to make Manitoulin what it is.

When the new HST tax came in, guess what, a road block was threatened so First Nations wouldn’t have to pay it. What are you teaching your children? You are asking for more money for your young folks for education. But what are some doing now? The drinking and drugs are out of hand. Breaking and stealing prescription drugs from older people. They tell us they are frightened in their homes.

So to the chiefs, it’s not money that young folks need, it’s to get them off drugs before it is too late. Killing and hurting people needs to stop. There are jobs out there and they need to go to work.

I see where Wiky Tribal Police and the UCCM Police Service are working to keep their communities gang free, and we hope the whole Island too. This drugs and drinking, stealing prescription drugs and killing have to stop.

The government has to step in. The bullies in our schools. There have to be rules, and get on top of it.

Yours truly,

J. B. Johnstone


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