Where is the emergency preparedness in Assiginack?

An obvious solution lies plain before councils’ eyes on Spragge Street

To the Expositor:

The Wednesday, January 17 Expositor included a very profound editorial in the One Manitowaning Road opinion section. The top of the editorial section includes a quote, “who dares not offend, cannot be honest.” I prefer to be honest, and not to offend. Some others may see this letter in a different light.

Planning should happen before there is an emergency. Can anyone argue against such logic, such good business practice? Manitowaning enjoys the privilege of property ownership of a very distinguished, philanthropic individual. He is a veteran, a Canadian president of the War Pensionerss of Canada, and 25 plus years as a Sudbury Police staff sergeant, indeed an in-charge individual.

Some years ago (perhaps as many as five), Mr. Colin Pick attended a conference, hosted in M’Chigeeng. This conference brought together an honour roll of emergency first responders. Also accompanying Mr. Pick was then Fire Chief Allen Elliot and Reeve Paul Moffat. Mr. Pick was asked to provide his multitude and many years of experience to the ultimate, eventual cause of forming/sitting on a committee that would have the Assiginack Township form a much-needed program of First Response efforts. Mr. Pick generously donated five filing cabinets of procedural manuals, training information, hard copy of what he had dedicated most of his life to. 

I read the general text of a budget proposal meeting for the fiscal year 2018 for Assiginack council. The message was clear in that text that certain “priorities” of elected councillors and administration were discussed, presented if I may. Articles, a few, but not limited to such things as a new fire hall, even a generator for the township building.

Even after the event here that was the subject of same Wednesday, January 17 Expositor front page, and subsequent articles thereafter, is there any indicated intention of what should have been accomplished by now, five years later, the activation of a first response team, their official record and also protocol and procedures? Identification of similar team(s) on the Island to the proper authorities (i.e. OPP) has been proposed in other Island municipalities).

Is there an emergency muster point and its proper accommodations allowed for in the Assiginack 2018 Budget? The much under-occupied/underutilized township building on Spragge Street here is the ideal location for a “warming station” similar to what our friends in Wiikwemkoong enjoy. The proposed generator for the second, brand new, existing township building would find a much more efficient, logical use at the Spragge Street locale. Think of all of the benefits afforded to backing up the electrical needs of the essential services of the Assiginack Family Health Team building, the provision of essential emergency muster location and services, at the alternate township building.

Michael White