Farm Fact and Furrows – Mar 5-14

Growing Your Farm Profits

A Growing Your Farm Profits Workshop is scheduled for March 18 and 25 on Manitoulin. Workshops are free of charge. Come out and take part in a two-day workshop that gives you the tools needed to assess your business. Review current farm management practices, systems, knowledge, and skills; understand how planning provides a framework for effective decision making; set goals and priorities for the future; identify resources to help you meet your goals; build on the strengths of your farm business; and write an action plan to guide you towards improved farm management.

For registration or more information, go to or call Mary Scott 705-377-4928.

Assist two-year olds early!

Cow calf farmers are aware that first calf heifers have more difficulties at calving and experience more dystocia situations compared to mature cows. Many herds are calving heifers at two-years-old. Research in the US shows assisting these heifers early has added benefits. The obvious benefit is more live calves! In addition, assisting the heifer within one hour of the water breaking and feet showing gives the animal a 17 percent greater chance of cycling normally following calving. This resulted in a 20 percent increase in heifers becoming pregnant in time to calve during the normal herd calving period. These observations are com-pared to waiting for two hours before providing assistance. Many farmers maintain a herd where cows calve on their own without assistance. Difficult calvers are culled with no daughters retained as herd replacements. In all herds however, assisting first calf heifers does pay dividends.