Farm Facts and Furrows

OMAFRA crop caravan

OMAFRA specialists will be touring Northern Ontario with an intended stop on Manitoulin July 18. Stay tuned for agenda details and locations.

Growing Forward 2 (GF2) Funding

Next round of applications opens June 23, 2016: Be ready when the next round of Growing Forward 2 funding applications opens on June 23, 2016, with applications accepted until July 14, 2016. What are we looking for? Good projects that align with one of the six areas of focus, well-written and well-documented projects, the required permits for the proposed project are in place, and new projects that have yet to be started. Areas of focus eligible for funding: environment and climate change adaptation; animal and plant health; market development; labour productivity enhancement; assurance systems; food safety, traceability, animal welfare; and business and leadership development.

Keep your kids safe

Let’s keep our kids safe this summer. The farm can be a dangerous place for kids especially with machinery on the move every day. Please review the following checklist and avoid an injury to your precious little ones. Check the work area for children before starting any equipment. Do not operate equipment until kids are securely away. Never allow kids to climb and play on or near farm equipment, even if it’s not in use. Teach kids early on that vehicles and machinery are not play toys. Always lock vehicles and machinery when you’re finished using them. Remove the keys and keep them out of reach of kids. Never let kids play in areas where farm equipment or machinery are being used or stored. Equipment that may fall should always be left in the down position. Kids should never be passengers or extra riders on ride-on mowers, tractors, ATVs, work wagons, truck beds or any other type of farm equipment.