A faux socialist suggestion for the classroom

A great opportunity to teach the wonders of socialism and equality

To the Expositor:

Re. “Questions of inequality….”letter in the Sept. 14 2016 edition.

A great letter by Shane Desjardins. This presents a great opportunity to teach our youth the wonders of socialism and equality in our classrooms and being so early in the new school year, why not start immediately?

It’s very simple, there need be no change to the current curriculum at all. Teachers will continue to grade assignments, tests, exams, quizzes as they normally would. Each will be scored out of 100, and the marks for all students will be totalled, then divided by the number of students originally enrolled in the class, regardless of how many students actually submitted the work, so if only 20 students attend and complete assignments, the total is still divided by 30, and each student receives this as a mark which will not reflect individual effort. As more students decide not to participate and still receive a mark, they can demand and harass the productive ones to perform better and submit extra work, take no recess or lunch break, ensure they stay after school then maybe even demand some spare marks from those waiting for the crossing guard.

I’m sure any school implementing such a program will receive a gold star from Queen’s Park.

Ronald Kay

Assiginack and Brampton