Firefighters respond to Otter Lake blaze

BILLINGS TOWNSHIP—The Billings township volunteer fire department, with the help of the Central Manitoulin Fire Department, took care of a fire that took place in a location in Billings on Thursday of last week.

Merv Gilchrist, Billings fire chief, told the Recorder last Friday, “the fire occurred off a road by the Otter Lake area. We got the call at about 12:40 pm of the fire and we were on the scene of the fire until 3 pm.”

“We got to the fire very quickly and we were able to response before the fire got into the bush,” said Mr. Gilchrist. “I think there used to be an old sawmill on the property at one time, and this was in the sawdust.”

“There was no obvious human activity and no, we don’t have a cause for the fire at this point,” said Mr. Gilchrist. “There was no one hurt.”

“It just looked like old piles of sawdust and it could have been natural heat out of these piles that caused the fire,” added Mr. Gilchrist.