First phase of breakwater project to be completed by year’s end

GORE BAY—The first phase of the new Gore Bay Marina breakwater project will be completed by the end of this year.

“We’re building the core stone material this year, which is the base that lets the stone materials settle to the bottom (of the bay),” said Bruce Third of Huron District Contracting Limited. “Then the next phase of the project will be to supply and place the rip rap and it supports the armour stone (of between 2-4 tonnes) which will be put in place next fall.”

“We’re going to be going out as far to be pretty much level with the red buoys in the bay, approaching about 150 metres out,” said Mr. Third. “There will be a nice walking path (on the breakwater) the same as you can see at the Meldrum Bay breakwall.”

As reported in last week’s edition of the Recorder, the town had accepted a bid on the construction of the new breakwall, and the project is on target budgetwise. Council had accepted the tender from Huron District Contracting in the amount of $1,433,559.75 for the construction of the breakwall as per Shoreplan Engineering’s recommendations. The construction will take place in two phases, over this year and the 2014-2015 fall/winter period.

The armour stone breakwall, a longer structure than other alternatives, will provide more protection for the docks and boats. The armour stone had been recommended by the town engineer because it will last longer and is not as susceptible to wind or ice.

Three alternative design concepts had been originally considered by the town for the fixed breakwater. The sloped armour stone breakwater had been selected as the preferred concept as it avoids foundation concerns.

“We started the work two weeks ago Sunday,” Mr. Third told the Recorder on Monday. “We’re hoping to have the first phase of the work done before Christmas, and if not it will be done by the New Year.”

Tom Sasvari