Former wind and solar supporter rethinks position

To the Expositor:

As Canadians we are large consumers of electrical power. Thankfully, many of us are trying to be better at conserving energy. Still, we need to be sure we have the energy we need now and for the future. What are our options?

I am not a great proponent of nuclear energy for a number of reasons, so when we began increasing the use of wind and solar power I was greatly pleased. At first, I didn’t mind the look of the towering wind turbines, when there weren’t so many of them at least. Have you seen the turbines around Shelburne, or on Wolfe Island near Kingston? I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but they don’t appeal to me.

Aside from the appearance of the wind turbines, when I began to hear that there were a number of health and environmental concerns, I had a change of mind. There are so many municipalities now who are opposed to the wind turbines and so many who say that their health has been affected, I think it would be both wise and kind to call for a moratorium on the erection of any further turbines, until we can be sure they are safe and cost effective.

When there is such a strong difference of opinion surely it wouldn’t hurt for us to look at both sides, before we go any further with wind turbine development. Future generations will not be happy with us if we find out down the road what a mistake we have made. Are there other alternatives? Do we have to speed ahead so quickly with these turbines that there can be no debate about this? Should there not be much greater study and greater participation of more people? Do we really have to be in such a big hurry with this wind turbine project here on Manitoulin Island? And could not the final decision be made by the majority of the people on such an important matter as this? Do we the people have any real say in the matter?

Martin Garniss
Providence Bay