Funding provided to Gordon/Barrie Island to help municipality strengthen asset management

Gordon/Barrie Island

OTTAWA—The municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island has received funding to support and strengthen its municipal infrastructure asset management plans effectively.

“We are working with a firm that we hired to carry out this work,” said Lee Hayden, Reeve of Gordon/Barrie Island. “They will use a template, looking at all our municipal assets, and what we need.”

The municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island has received $50,000 from the government of Canada through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to implement asset management software and develop an asset management plan that will comply with provincial regulations. The development of an asset management plan will be critical in enhancing the overall understanding of the asset management program and asset data. Further, the implementation of asset management software will be a critical piece in continuing to advance the asset data. Gordon-Barrie Island is one of 21 Ontario municipalities sharing a $997,123 pot.