Gore Bay family in mourning following tragic loss of family member in fatal car accident


GORE BAY – A Gore Bay family is mourning the loss of a family member after their grandson and his fiancée were involved in a single vehicle accident on a section of Highway 400 near Port Severn. Brianne Thomson (age 30) was killed in the accident.  

“My grandson Justin McVey (26) and his fiancée, Brianne Thomson (30) were involved in a motor vehicle accident Saturday evening in Port Severn,” said Doran McVey, when reached by The Recorder Monday morning at the camp he owns with his wife Maxine on the east end of Manitoulin Island. “They were living in Gore Bay and Brianne’s son lives in the Toronto area with his father. They’ve been living here (Gore Bay) since last fall.”

Mr. McVey said the young couple had been living in the McVey house in just outside of Gore Bay since last fall. “Maxine and I decided to stay at the camp for the winter and they were living in our house in Gore Bay. Justin had just got a job with the quarry in Meldrum Bay about two weeks ago. He had worked for the town at the transfer station and had been an (office) cleaner in Kagawong and Gore Bay. Brianne was an amazing artist and did amazing woodworking and had her works in Raven’s Roost in Gore Bay.” 

“Justin is okay, he suffered some minor injuries and was in the hospital in Sudbury but is now back in Gore Bay,” said Mr. McVey. He explained, “they have a big dog who was in the car when they were driving and was acting up in the back seat of the vehicle. Brianne had unbuckled her seatbelt to get him under control and accidentally hit the steering wheel and Justin lost control of the steering wheel. It was an accident.”

“Yes, Brianne was a really nice person. We were just starting to get to know her,” said Mr. McVey. “They were so happy and in love; they were engaged to be married. They had been here at our camp on Saturday morning and when they left they gave us a big wave and said they would call later. They were travelling to Barrie and right back, to drop off Brianne’s son at his father’s place.”