Gore Bay harbour divestiture completed

Town receives $1 million from Fisheries and Oceans Canada

GORE BAY—The federal government has now transferred ownership of lands in the Gore Bay harbour to the Town of Gore Bay.

“On behalf of the council of the Town of Gore Bay I am very pleased to report that today (April 1) we have received a transfer of ownership from the Government of Canada for four pieces of federally owned properties lying within our harbour facility,” stated Gore Bay Mayor Ron Lane. “In addition to this transfer we have also received from Fisheries and Oceans Canada a one-time grant of $1 million dollars to be used by the town for the ongoing maintenance of the harbour.”

Mr. Lane explained, “This transaction represents the conclusion of many years of discussions and negotiations between the town and representatives of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and now gives the town full ownership and control of all of the harbour and the marina which is located within it. Prior to this transfer the town leased these lands from the Government of Canada under a revenue sharing arrangement, which also included grants to the town from time to time for harbour maintenance.”

The lands in question are located in the northern area of the harbour around Fish Point and also the main dock area currently occupied by the town municipal marina building formerly known as the Government Dock, said Mr. Lane. Previous to this transfer the town owned the on-shore and lake bottom lands in the middle and southern portion of the harbour.

“This transfer of ownership occurred under Fisheries and Oceans Canada current policy of divesting certain recreational small craft harbours across Canada to interested parties including municipalities. Under the terms of the transfer agreement the Town of Gore Bay has agreed to continue for a period of at least 15 years to use the lands as a public harbour and to provide adequate dockage to commercial fishing vessels,” continued Mr. Lane.

Mr. Lane pointed out, “Gore Bay has a long marine history going back to the mid-1800s and continuing well into the 1900s when it was an important commercial harbour for Western Manitoulin. In more recent years it has become a very popular recreational harbour, attracting people from all over the world.”

He added, “council is committed to the long term viability of the harbour and its marina and the revenue earned each year from its operation helps fund other much needed projects in Gore Bay.”