Gore Bay street market hours extended by one hour

Annette Schulze of Nettie’s Goodies and Crafts displays some of her baking at the Gore Bay Street Market.

GORE BAY—Shoppers at the Gore Bay street market are going to be happy to hear that the market has been extended by one hour each Friday, during the balance of the summer.

At a Gore Bay council meeting last week, consideration was given to a request from the street market group to expand the hours for the Friday weekly market by one hour, to 1 pm, instead of the current 12 noon.

“The street market group is requesting the market be open for an additional hour, to 1 pm,” said Gore Bay Mayor Dan Osborne. From what I’ve seen during the first two weeks of the market, there are still a lot of people around the market at noon, and some are just getting there.”

“The market crowd seems to really pick up at 10:30 am, and is really busy from 11:30-12:00,” said town treasurer Mike Lalonde.

“There are a lot of people on the street and the more people the market has attending will mean even more vendors,” said Mayor Osborne.

Council passed a motion to approve a request from the street market group to allow the weekly event to be open an additional hour, to 1 pm, every Friday.