Gore Bay Theatre presents spectacular summer season with two great productions

The cast of ‘The Last Romance. Photographed are Lori Evans, Vincente Belenson and Kay Valentine. photo by Tom Sasvari

by Tom Sasvari

GORE BAY— Gore Bay Theatre opened its summer season last Sunday with an energetic performance of the children’s play, ‘Murmel, Murmel, Mortimer, Munsch.’

Directors Andrea Emmerton and Walter Maskel were very pleased with the attendance, the performance and the audience reaction.

Mr. Maskel said, “we were thrilled that our young actors worked together as a team. Last Sunday was our fifth performance and you can really see how their stage comfort and confidence has improved. It is  a joy and a pleasure to see that growth.”

I was also able to attend a preview of their production of the romantic comedy, ‘The Last Romance.’ It opened on Wednesday. I know that audiences will love this tender and humorous story about a widower and a woman he meets in a dog park and falls in love with.

His sister, who has been his homemaker for the past 12 years, is overprotective and concerned about how his health, emotionally and physically, may be affected by this relationship. Without giving away the plot, let me just say that there are some twists and turns that make the story unpredictable, and the excellent performances by Vincente Belenson, Lori Evans and Kay Valentine will leave the audience guessing, hoping and thoroughly engaged. It will touch your funny bone and melt your heart.

It is an excellent evening of theatre, stellar performances, and is a wonderful complement to ‘Agnes of God,’ the riveting murder mystery and award winning production at both the regional and provincial level, which opens tonight (Friday).

It features three provincial award winning actresses, Tara Bernatchez, Kayla Greenman and Shannon McMullan. Their performances are unforgettable. The fact that young Ms. Greenman can hold her own with Ms. Bernatchez and Ms. McMullan, two extremely talented and experienced actors really says something about how gifted she is.

It is amazing that we have the opportunity to see three totally different productions in a four day period. “Changing the sets, lights and props from show to show is very challenging,” said Ms. Emmerton. “It takes a  lot of co-ordination and thought in the design process, but for those who are on the Island for a week or less it makes it possible to attend more than one production.”

It is obvious that hundreds of hours have been spent on rehearsing on the stage and countless more at home learning the lines and preparing the show. The results are highly entertaining and professional evenings of theatre. As Mr. Maskel always says, “we love it when you come to the theatre.” I know that you will love it too because this summer season is one of the best in my opinion, and not to be missed.