Government corruption needs to be stopped

To the Expositor:

Just to bring up this provincial economy and this Liberal government that we have now. There have been a lot of scandals with this government and I hope citizens will remember this when they go to the polls again about how deceitful this government was. All levels of government are like that anyway and those people who abuse the funds just got off clean. They were not held accountable for anything and the health minister still has her job after losing thousands of dollars on healthcare. After losing all that money they started cutting back on healthcare and this Liberal government has got to get citizens to try out NDP now and see how they work out.

See if we can get a better government and hopefully try and restore some of the social programs that were lost with the Liberals after it was your tax dollars that were wasted. But I know the rich just got richer with this government and the poor got poorer. That’s why there are more people relying on food banks. Now citizens must stand up to this government and they have to speak up because you have to stand up for your rights as a citizen.

I know that some people are just giving up because they just say the government will not listen. But you still have the right to have an equality life which is being taken away of mismanagement and finances. These two levels of government needs to cut back on their own salaries and expenses and stop giving huge raises to CEOs within the government because they’re making enough already. Start sharing the wealth to everybody not just the rich.

Ron Osawabine