Government is not acting fast enough on ferry

This docking pier at South Baymouth awaits Transport Canada improvements to mitigate low water so the Chi-Cheemaun can dock.

To the Expositor:

As a taxpayer of the province of Ontario in both Essex County and Canarvon Township in the district of Algoma-Manitoulin, I would like to suggest to you that there is an alternative to your 6-8 week repair to the fender and wharves problem that is at the forefront of the Tobermory/Manitoulin Island tourist season. It is my understanding that there is a company on Manitoulin called Fitz Marine (their phone number is 705 859-1246) and have done work on the wharves in the past and can have the job done in a few weeks rather than two months as the government has suggested recently.

Two months of income for the citizens of Manitoulin and the Bruce Peninsula is a devastating loss. I also suggest to you that all of the honourable members of parliament that have a vote or are connected to this problem in any way take a two month salary suspension until this problem is rectified and see how much faster it is resolved when you have no income to feed your family and pay the bills.

The government is not acting fast enough for the May to August season that the businesses rely on to make money to support not only their families but the economy of both Manitoulin Island and Bruce Peninsula. I would also like to suggest that the government look for another alternative and one that can be achieved in a much quicker and timely fashion.

Sincerely a very disappointed property owner,
Mona Bryan
Windsor and Providence Bay