Great to see people getting out the word of God

To the Expositor:

Dear brothers and sisters,

Re: Being a born again Christian.

Further to the classified in The Manitoulin Expositor on page 22 of the January 28, 2015 paper titled Spirituality.

Mr. Reckman makes some good points about the Christian life. About being reborn into becoming a child of God, putting God first and following the bible as the rule of God.

It is good to see people like this getting the true word of God out to the people of the world. Hopefully they will be able to go God’s way instead of the world’s way. It is hard to go God’s way and the more God is talked about maybe it will be easier to follow, to go God’s way.

Yours truly,

Brother Scott Orr,

God’s Island World House of Worship of Truth