Green Bay project gets ‘pilot’ status for six lots

LAKE MANITOU—Despite Lake Manitou being designated as ‘at capacity’ for future development in the draft Official Plan (OP), at least part of a proposed 21-lot subdivision on the lake at Green Bay has gotten an initial green light.

“We have verbal agreements in place with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and all other parties involved (the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of the Environment),” said developer Doug McLay. “We are just waiting to get everything in writing and finalize the agreement, but everything is looking really positive.”

Mr. McLay explained that the verbal agreement is for an initial pilot project for the development of six lots with septic systems that will be monitored for three years, proving that no phosphorus reaches Lake Manitou.

Last week during a Manitoulin Municipal Association meeting to discuss the draft OP, representatives from the MMAH and Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) stressed to Island municipalities that Lake Manitou would be designated as ‘at capacity’ for development in the OP to protect lake trout due to low oxygen levels which the MNR attributed to high phosphorus levels.

Charlsey White, a planner with the MMAH, explained that the designation would not affect any existing lots of record, but it was unclear how it would affect the proposed subdivision.

The MNR and MOE have both opposed the project in the past, supported by the Lake Manitou Area Association although the Northeast Town had given the initiative its blessing some years ago.

Mr. McLay had requested an Ontario Municipal Board hearing into his case, but this has since been set aside in favour of negotiations among all concerned parties.

“I have been working on this for six years,” concluded Mr. McLay. “So I’m pretty happy that things will be moving forward.”

The project is situated to the north of Red Lodge Resort and the properties will be accessed via Red Lodge Road.

Robin Burridge