A happy holiday season starts with safe and sober driving

MANITOULIN–With the holiday season upon us once again, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reminding motorists and snowmobilers that safe and responsible driving is of paramount importance this time of year.

Drivers are reminded that the OPP Festive RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) initiative is in effect until January 2, 2014. Officers will be out stopping vehicles throughout the province as a means of targeting impaired drivers. You can all play a part in helping reduce the number of impaired driving related fatalities by exercising zero tolerance for drinking and driving, volunteering as a designated driver or calling a taxi.

The OPP is also urging drivers to be mindful that drastic changes in weather can wreak havoc on driving conditions, and to get into the habit of allowing for extra time while traveling. By slowing down, buckling up, keeping your wiper fluid topped up and checking your tires, you will contribute to safer traveling for everyone during the holiday season.

Snowmobilers across Manitoulin are also being reminded to adhere to some important safety measures to ensure safe and fun outdoor recreation over the holidays.

Do not drink and sled, ensure that you and your passengers wear proper safety equipment, stay on designated trails and off the ice at all times. The ice will remain unstable and thin until sustained periods of cold temperatures are reached, therefore snowmobiling on waterways over the holidays remains dangerous and off-limits.

In a continuing effort to make Ontario roadways and trails safe, the OPP is asking everyone to take extra care and to be aware so that we can all enjoy a safe and happy holiday season with our family and friends. Be safe–don’t drink and drive!

“On behalf of the Ontario Provincial Police we wish all citizens a safe and joyous holiday season!” said Staff Sergeant Kevin Webb, Detachment Commander Manitoulin OPP.