Harper has one strategy and that is oil

To the Expositor:

Harper has one strategy and that is oil. He is bigoted towards the Natives. One of his ministers doesn’t have a problem with people eating from the dump. No one in Canada should have to eat at the dump. Harper is leaving the Natives with insufficient funds to live on and the program they’ve instituted to make it cheaper to purchase food is being used by the grocery chains themselves and not passing on the savings.

We are the people who reported Native human remains when building our square log home in Providence Bay. Eric Corbiere (may he rest in peace) was on the site when the remains were found. The visit by Chief Joe Hare, his wife and son at our home was both humorous and profound. I shed tears. Harper’s one strategy has sent this country into economic ruin. It is time to elect someone who cares about the Natives and this country.

Ross A. Downham

Providence Bay