Harper’s unrecognizable Canada

Little did we know it would make the one percent richer

To the Expositor:

In 2006, Stephen Harper said “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it.”

What could have been a rallying cry for reforms that would benefit all Canadians turned out to be more threatening to the lives of ordinary citizens than reassuring.

Little did we know that he would start by making the wealthiest one percent even wealthier, at the expense of a vital and thriving middle class.

And then go on to undermine the future of the next generation by reducing the number of protected lakes and rivers from 2,500,000 to a paltry 159, practically giving corporations a licence to pollute our pristine waters.

And who thinks there is anything fair about forcing 100 percent of workers to pay Employment Insurance, and then telling more than 60 percent of unemployed workers who apply for it they can’t have it? How is this a part of an economic plan that helps those people?

If any of these decisions affected Mr. Harper or his family, he would never vote for the person that brought them to the table. Clearly he no longer has any idea of what most Canadians have to deal with, as a result of his reckless disregard for their welfare and their children’s future.

Why would anyone vote for a party that no longer relates to us and/or no longer even cares to do so?

Time to go, Mr. Harper. You are not one of us…


Deborah Wilson

RR#1 Little Current