Haweater Chas Chatwell is a member of winning Ryder Cup 2022 team

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SUDBURY—A Haweater was one of the members of the Lively Golf Course team that won the regional Ryder Cup tournament, held earlier this month in Sudbury. The annual tournament pits the best players from each of three golf courses, Lively, Timberwolf and Idylwylde Golf and Country Club.

Chase Chatwell, originally from Gore Bay, was part of the winning Lively team. The Lively Golf Club team (made up of eight players) started the second day of the tournament in third place with three and a half points and had already assured themselves no worse than a playoff berth. The team rallied on the last day of the event, leaving them at nine points. Leaders heading into the last day with 4.5 points, the Idylwylde team was at eight points, needing Ward Kyle to defeat Jay Jewett of Timberwolf on the very last hole of the event to force a playoff.

Sitting solidly in second with four points in the opening two days, the Timberwolf side had added only another deuce to its total, with the Jewett victory still leaving them in third. The Lively crew were ecstatic when their Timberwolf counterpart split the hole with Kyle, with captains Brian Caesar and Max Kallio and team winning the cup for the first time since 2017. Marcus Strom was among the five Lively players to win their head-to-head matches on the last day of the tournament, joining Brian Caesar, Jean-Luc Lacelle, Alex Watier and Chase Chatwell with Max Kallio earning the half. Justin Karcz and Carson Frattini rounded out the Ryder Cup winning team.

The last round took place on the Idylwylde course.