A heartfelt thanks to the emergency room staff at MHC

A fisherman can return to the water thanks to timely intervention

To the Expositor:

I recently had life saving treatment at the Manitoulin Health Centre emergency department in Little Current.

On Sunday July 10, after spending three hours out fishing in the Wabuno Channel area with my son and his family and my niece and their family from the Windy Lake area, we all returned to our summer cottage on the North Channel for lunch. I was lucky enough to catch two fish, my son one and the Allairs one rainbow. It was a warm beautiful day on the Manitoulin.

At approximately 2 pm I became very light headed and started sweating profusely. Recognizing these signs from a previous event my son and wife drove me to Little Current hospital emergency department. Upon entering the emergency department the staff immediately escorted me to a treatment room, even though there was a waiting room full of people. The nursing staff and doctors started to treat me immediately as they determined I was having a heart attack. I recall at least four nurses and one doctor trying to get IVs in to start the treatment. When a person is having a heart attack, there is less blood moving through your system and it is very hard to locate veins to hook up IVs to. The nurses worked professionally and were able to find the veins and then administer the drugs to break up the clots and save my life. Dr. Komar, the heart specialist I am now seeing in Sudbury, said the staff at Little Current hospital emergency department had saved my life. 

To all the staff, nurses and doctors on Sunday, July 10, a huge heartfelt thank you to you all.

Kelvin Hull

Hanmer and Little Current