Northeast Town Council Notes

Council amends traffic and parking bylaw

The Northeast Town carried a motion to amend bylaw 2015-32, being a bylaw to regulate traffic and parking within the municipality, with the reduction of the speed limit on Tamarack Lane from 60 km to 40 km/hr.

In June, council received a letter from Bruce Hatton of Tamarack Lane in Little Current requesting that the speed limit be reduced from 60 km/hr to 40 km/hr due to the use of the road by young children, seniors and cyclists.

In a recorded vote, councillors Michael Erskine, Marcel Gauthier, Bill Koehler, Dawn Orr and Mayor Al MacNevin voted in favour of the request, while councillors Laurie Cook, Melissa Peters, Paul Skippen and Bruce Woods voted against it.

The motion was carried, reducing the speed limit on Tamarack Lane as requested.

English as a second language

Council carried a motion declaring English as a Second Language (ELS) Week November 20 to 26.

“For 43 years, the Teachers of English as a Second Language Ontario has held its annual conference to provide professional development for the ELS educators, administrators, students and volunteers who make it possible to immigrants, refugees, citizens and visitors to learn the English language,” states a letter from the Teachers of English as a Second Language Association of Ontario.

Donation request

Council reviewed a letter from Skate Canada Manitoulin, requesting $3,500 from the McLean’s Mountain Contribution Fund. The requested funds would help offset a summer skating camp in Little Current from August 22-26.

Council carried a motion to forward the request to the McLean’s Mountain Contribution Fund committee.


Councillor Marcel Gauthier presented a report to council for the Manitoulin East Municipal Airport.

Councillor Gauthier reported that 36 aircrafts had landed at the airport in June and that 33 had departed. He also noted that fuel sales were excellent for the month exceeding $5,000 and that landing fees totaled $615.

He said that the Young Eagle fly in was scheduled for Saturday, August 6, weather depending.

Financial reports

Town treasurer Sheryl Wilkin reviewed the accounts receivable with council. For taxes, there were $153,663.91 made in payments in June. For accounts receivable water/sewer there were $22,347.31 made in payments. Ms. Wilkin explained that there were 10 accounts over $400 of which four had been disconnected, four were over the limit due to penalty applied and two of the accounts over had made a payment arrangement with the town.

Unopened road allowance

Council carried a motion allowing for the removal of vegetation to allow for ATV access on an unopened road allowance.

There was a dispute between two neighbours over accessing the unopened road allowance leading to deputations made by each individual, Jackie Rocca and Roy Bayer, to council last month.